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Developing a successful E Commerce Business

Developing a successful  e-commerce business is rarely plain sailing - ups and downs are all part of the journey. This event is aimed at owners and directors of  e-commerce businesses who are developing a growing business but want to ensure that it is resilient, compliant and operationally effective. Event runs from 0930-1200.

Our speakers for this event are experts in their field:

  • Ben Travers, Head of Intellectual Property and Information Technology at Stephens Scown

  • Donna and Mark Baker, Joint Founders of

Most businesses are aware that when they are operating a physical business premises, there are lots of rules and regulations governing how to do so. Lots of businesses remain unaware that when running an online premises (a website), there are rules and regulations that need to be complied with. These range from obligations to inform customers who you are dealing with, to GDPR, to accepting returns of unwanted goods. In addition, the workshop will consider the structures and processes that are essential in developing a resilient and scalable business.

This event is being facilitated by Chris Lorimer of South West Growth Service who have extensive experience in helping small and large E commerce businesses.




Date: 28th November @ 9:30am
Imposter Syndrome - managing the beast image

Imposter Syndrome - managing the beast

Despite being successful at what you do, do you still have those inner thoughts that try to convince you that you are not good enough, you'll be found out to be a fraud and it was just luck?  

Well you are not alone. Many who have achieved successful careers also experience it.  Join Karen Jamieson of Oyster Coaching and Consulting in this engaging workshop that will explore the Imposter Syndrome and identify strategies to manage it. 

At the end of the workshop delegates will have:

  • Explored and understood what the Syndrome means for them
  • Identified their own triggers
  • Learnt ways to manage and minimise its impact

Karen Jamieson is a highly experienced Coach and Trainer with over 36 years experience in Human Resources. She has her own business Oyster Coaching and Consultancy and is regularly asked to present at workshops and conferences. 

Date: 29th November @ 10:00am
Improving Lives? The future of work and health image

Improving Lives? The future of work and health

Friendship, Collaboration, Knowledge  at the friendliest networking group in the South West!

This 373 Group Event will address the big questions that if we aren't asking, we are certainly thinking.  With an ageing population, reduced resources and technological advances,  what will the future of business, work and our health care provision look like in 20-40 years time? What will be the impact on how we choose to live our lives and where? What will be the impact for businesses that will have employees crossing generational divides, delivering work in roles that do not yet exist?

Our two main speakers are experts in their field.  Dave Stickland of WPA Healthcare and Joan Pullin of 373 Group member Everys Solicitors

This event is open to all and will include fantastic networking and refreshments. 373 Group Members receive discounted entrance.

Date: 29th November @ 7:00pm
Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth image

Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth

Lean operations are essential for all organisations that are looking to scale up, removing wasteful activities that do not contribute to the customer experience or the bottom line. This introductory workshop has been designed by South West Growth Service specifically for business owners, directors or managers who are looking to identify ways and approaches to introduce lean operations. The course is underpinned by active learning through the use business simulations that are enjoyable, high energy and high impact, providing learning insights for all businesses and organisations, across all sectors.

The day will provide you with an understanding of:

  • How lean operations improve organisational performance
  • What causes processes to be inefficient
  • How to improve processes using a lean methodology


10.00                  Refreshments will be provided on arrival

10.15 ? 11.00     Introduction to Lean and operational improvement

11.15 ? 11.30     Coffee break

11.30 ? 12.45     Business simulation 1 and review

12.45 ? 13.45     Lunch

13.45 ? 14.15     Identifying process inefficiency

14.15 ? 14.30     Break

14.30 ? 15.15     Business simulation 2 and review

15.15 ? 15.45     How to implement lean in your organisation

15.45 ? 16.00     Summing up and close of day

This workshop is led by South West Growth Service Director, Chris Lorimer.  Chris is a lean process improvement expert who developed his insights through his MBA at Warwick University, fully deploying them as Head of Operational Excellence at Barclays where he introduced Lean across the Private and International Bank. He led multiple award winning lean process improvement projects, has been a keynote speaker and judge at the European Six Sigma Awards.  He has helped introduce lean to organisations across the public and private sectors, including Higher and Further Education, manufacturing, professional services, finance and digital marketing.

Date: 12th December @ 10:00am