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Delivering Business Intelligence using Excel

In preparing your business for growth, do you know what you are selling and how to maximise the value?

Interactive dashboards with simple tools facilitate decision-making, reporting, communication and data engagement in your business.  

This workshop is essential for all business owners or managers who want to visualise Key Performance Indicators and other strategic data at a glance.

The course is underpinned by active learning through the use of different scenarios that can be used to develop your own dashboard for your business.

The day will provide you with an understanding of:

  • Basic chart and table creation
  • How to create PivotTables
  • How to create a Dashboard
  • Timelines and Slicers


10:00                 Introductions

10:15 ? 1130      Introduction to Reporting in Excel           

11.30 ? 1245      Excel Tables

12.45 ? 13.45     Lunch

13.45 ? 15.00     Pivot Tables

15.00 ? 15.15     Break

15.15 ? 16.15     Dashboards, Timelines and Slicers         

16.15 ? 16.30     Next Steps

This workshop is led by Sue Bayes, a specialist in Data Analytics with extensive experience in delivering Excel Training.  Sue is a Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel.  Sue builds specialist dashboards for businesses in Excel and also designs and builds Apps as a bespoke Service to connect files, attachments, services and APIs.

Date: 31st January @ 10:00am
Building a successful professionals' firm in times of change image

Building a successful professionals' firm in times of change

Professional firms are under attack!  New technology, rising customer expectations, and changing needs of younger staff have meant that the traditional ownership models of accountants, lawyers, and other professionals seem outdated and potentially redundant.

This 373 Group event features one of Grow Exeter's 100 most influential women,Rachel Buckley.  Rachel is Business Development Director of the award winning The Family Law Company.  In this presentation, she will consider her journey in becoming a lawyer and how the industry is having to adapt to the significant structural changes.

Also in this event, 373 Group founder and owner of social media company SentfromDevon,  Tom Hope will be providing some Ten Top Tips on how to get the most from your Linkedin profile.

This event is open to all - as long as you like "friendship, collaboration and knowledge"!


Date: 7th February @ 7:00pm
Present with confidence image

Present with confidence

Feel the fear and present with confidence!  This one day workshop is ideal for anyone looking to develop their presentation skills - whatever the purpose.  The course will allow delegates to overcome initial concerns, develop key skills and practice in a safe and relaxed environment.

Previous attendees have said:

"This course has given me strategies to become confident in public speaking"

"It challenges the mind in a positive way - great feedback"

"A great venue, delicious food and a brilliant course - thank you" 



Chris Lorimer is an experienced trainer, speaking coach and public speaker at international conferences and high profile events across the UK. His approach will help all potential speakers whether preparing for a conference speech or a wedding. He works with delegates in groups or one to one, whatever their preference.

Date: 19th February @ 9:00am
Unlocking Innovation - Design Thinking for Business Growth image

Unlocking Innovation - Design Thinking for Business Growth

Is your business leading the way through innovation?

This one-day workshop will help you apply the principles of design thinking to your business, to encourage innovation and increase productivity.

Design thinking is a process used to innovate better solutions for business challenges. It originated at Stanford University in the 1990s and has since been applied to almost every business arena.

The learning outcomes from this interactive workshop will include:

  • The main principles of design thinking
  • How to use design thinking to enhance innovation
  • How to apply a design thinking approach to your business





This workshop is led by South West Growth Service Associate, Sawsan Khuri. Sawsan is a collaboration consultant helping businesses enhance their collaborative power and boost their innovative capacity. With a science background and extensive experience in building bridges across professions and roles, she has developed pioneering, collaborative working programmes around the world.

Date: 28th February @ 10:00am
Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth image

Delivering Lean Operations for Profit, Service and Growth

Lean operations are essential for all organisations that are looking to scale up, removing wasteful activities that do not contribute to the customer experience or the bottom line. This introductory workshop has been designed by South West Growth Service specifically for business owners, directors or managers who are looking to identify ways and approaches to introduce lean operations. The course is underpinned by active learning through the use business simulations that are enjoyable, high energy and high impact, providing learning insights for all businesses and organisations, across all sectors.

The day will provide you with an understanding of:

  • How lean operations improve organisational performance
  • What causes processes to be inefficient
  • How to improve processes using a lean methodology


10.00                  Refreshments will be provided on arrival

10.15 ? 11.00     Introduction to Lean and operational improvement

11.15 ? 11.30     Coffee break

11.30 ? 12.45     Business simulation 1 and review

12.45 ? 13.45     Lunch

13.45 ? 14.15     Identifying process inefficiency

14.15 ? 14.30     Break

14.30 ? 15.15     Business simulation 2 and review

15.15 ? 15.45     How to implement lean in your organisation

15.45 ? 16.00     Summing up and close of day

This workshop is led by South West Growth Service Director, Chris Lorimer.  Chris is a lean process improvement expert who developed his insights through his MBA at Warwick University, fully deploying them as Head of Operational Excellence at Barclays where he introduced Lean across the Private and International Bank. He led multiple award winning lean process improvement projects, has been a keynote speaker and judge at the European Six Sigma Awards.  He has helped introduce lean to organisations across the public and private sectors, including Higher and Further Education, manufacturing, professional services, finance and digital marketing.

Date: 21st March @ 10:00am
The business of brewing - the winning formula image

The business of brewing - the winning formula

This 373 Group event celebrates the business of brewing as Dartmoor Brewery's Managing Director Richard Smith tells the story of the company from it's foundation in 1994.  Located in the heart of Dartmoor, the company employs 20 people and brews over 3 million pints of beer each year at its state of the art purpose built brewery.. With award winning products such as Jail Ale (brewed within 800 metres of the infamous Dartmoor Prison) Dartmoor IPA and Dartmoor Best, Richard will take us through the challenges of running a brewery and extending it's reach from a regional to a national player.

This event is open to all, although 373 Group members receive discounted entrance.  There will be the usual "friendliest networking in the South West" as well as plenty of opportunities to try some Jail Ale and other refreshments.

Date: 21st March @ 7:00pm
Using the power of emotions in times of change image

Using the power of emotions in times of change

In times of change, whether at work, home, school or through your relationships with others, unpleasant emotions can easily throw you off balance, even making you feel unwell.

This workshop explores how unpleasant emotions can be used in a positive way and can help you build your resilience in times of change, whatever the context.  This introduction into Emotional Logic is appropriate for anyone who feels stuck in their emotions and are looking to move on or those who are looking for ways to support others going through emotional turmoil.


Emotional Logic was developed in the 1990s by a Devon GP.  Over the following decades, he developed an approach that has been proved to be a highly effective way for individuals to use their emotions in a positive way, supporting their recovery.  The approach is now used globally and is achieving much interest in the treatment of mental health issues, especially in the UK.

This workshop will be lead by Chris Lorimer who is an accredited Emotional Logic facilitator.

Date: 26th March @ 9:00am
Come rain or shine - The Met Office supporting Business image

Come rain or shine - The Met Office supporting Business

Founded in 1854, The Met Office is one of the world's leading weather forecast centres and the world leader in climate change research.  Exeter based since 2003, the organisation is also big business withan annual turnover of more than £170m a year.  In this exceptional  373 Group event, Professor Dale Barker, Associate Director For Weather Science, will show how the organisation is helping global businesses across all sectors and how technological advances are increasing their capability to mitigate business risks and provide competitive advantage.

The 373 Group is open to all, whether you are a start-up, sole trader or multionational - one thing for sure, the business of weather affects us all. If you become a 373 Group member you receive discounted membership and exposure via the 373 Group website and other channels.

This event includes "the friendliest networking in the South West", great refreshments and some top tips on how to network effectively!


Date: 2nd May @ 7:00pm